Domestic Woes

This is in response to my sister-in-law's blog entry where she talks about how she melted a frozen ziplock bag of soup to the bottom of her pan. As she puts it . .bottom of hot pot + plastic bag = big hole and ruined soup.

I had a similar domestic casualty. I made some pasta noodles, strained them, and decided that it would be fine to rest my plastic strainer back on the stove while I finished making the other stuff. (We have the old school coil burners stove) Niels and I ate our entire dinner without realizing what I had done. We soon realized this destroyed burner when we started to clean.


Human Tetris

This is hilarious! Crazy Asian game shows.


Our Wedding Album

Our wedding photographer was incredible. If you know anyone who needs a good one, you can visit her site at mkimagery.com. (No, we didn't get a discount for saying that, although we probably should.) Here is the link to our wedding album.