A little help from my girls

I didn't have younger siblings, which might explain why I have always been so fond of my nieces. Something about being an aunt brings me so much joy. The girls all have funny little unique personalities, and they are always cracking me up.

The transition to Vegas has been somewhat of a huge adjustment, for me at least. However, please meet the little ones that have helped the process.



My sister Jen says she must have brought this on herself when she banned the color pink from Taylor's baby shower. Taylor seems to think that a little bit (or a lot, actually) of pink and bling makes everyone look better. She is the epitome of a girly girl.

I totally fear Jen's years ahead with Taylor as a teen, especially after seeing this picture of her sleeping on the couch with the face mask that SHE saved her money to buy and HAD to have.

Because Halloween is around the corner, you might guess that Taylor has always chosen princess this costume, fairy that costume, and wants to be Pocahontas this year.


I love this picture only because she looks so intense here , when really, she is the goofiest toe-headed child you have ever met. She still has one of those small person voices and I am sad for the day when she finally develops a big kid one and starts saying "blue" instead of "bwue". Sydney loves yellow and blue, and wanted to be Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carribean (yes, the octopus face man) last year for Halloween. This year she wants to be Captain Hook after watching "Hook" with Robin Williams at my house last month. Don't worry, Taylor was quick to show her disgust by saying, "Sydney! You always pick the boy costumes!!" as she shot her a crusty look. Jen has shot these down too.


Oh, Miss Avery. While most baby girls have cute cooing noises, Avery has a wide range of grunts and other random loud noises that crack me up. She is definitely danger becasue she makes me baby hungry if I am around her too long. I am excited to be here for the next 4 years and watch this one grow.

The girls love their Uncle "Skittles" - couldn't quite say Niels when they first met him.

I guess I have always just assumed that I will have all girls too, because they are somewhat dominant in my family. But then again, Niels has mostly boys in his, so it will be interesting to see how that will all work out down the road.

I will need some SERIOUS boy training after playing hard with these girls.


She's big, she's black, and she's beautiful . . .

The movers bringing in her parts

This beauty arrived yesterday from Niels' mom and step-dad's house in Arizona. They recently purchased a newer piano to help someone out financially. Consequently, they decided to surprise Niels with the piano that he learned to play on growing up. Apparently, Niels was the whole reason a family friend gave his family this piano many years ago. Needless to say, he was very surpised, and he is one happy and thankful man.

Ironically enough, earlier this year we were fantasizing about bigger purchases we want to make later in life after the heaps of student loan debts start to diminish. One of Niels' first items was a grand piano. So, a HUGE thank you to Dave and Julie for accelerating his dream.

I am really excited to have what I feel is a family heriloom. I am especially eager to tell our future kids that they are learning on the piano their dad learned on. Very cool to me.

I don't play, but I wish I did everytime I walk by her. I guess I am content listening to Niels serenade me for now. =)


Apparently they don't count

Should I feel bad that my husband got mocked on his first day of lunch at dental school? Perhaps I should be sad like a parent is, when their kid gets picked on by the lunchroom bully.

I should have taken the hint last weekend . . .

Last weekend:
Susie: Did you eat all of my blueberry sorbet?
Niels: Well ya, I had a sweet tooth and we didn't have anything else to cure it.
Sure we do, we have Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butters, Oreos AND Grasshoppers.
Niels: 100 calorie packs don't count, babe.
Susie: What? Why? They are delicious.
Niels: Eh, they are good, but they still don't count.

2 days later . . . first day of dental school
Susie: How was lunch?
Niels: Great. That sandwich you made was really good, the guys I sat with were jealous.
Susie: No they weren't.
Niels: Yes they were. But, I did . . . never mind.
Susie: What?
Niels: Never mind.
Susie: Just tell me what you were going to say!
Niels: I got made fun of when I pulled out my 100 calorie pack with a bunch of guys.