Swoopy Bangs

Yes, I tried to cut my own bangs last weekend thinking I could pull off Reese's look.

No, they did not turn out like this, or anything like unto them.

No, it was not pre-meditated. It was VERY spur-of-the-moment.

Yes, I might have watched 2 hours of makeovers on TLC's "What not to Wear" prior to doing so.

Yes, I am too vain to post a picture of the result.

When I came out to surprise Niels, he simply paused for a second, and said ,"Um, are you two-years old? Who cuts their own hair?"

One word: hid-e-ous.
Two more: headbands and bobby pins


Apple Bottom Jeans is the new Twinkle, Twinkle


I will admit that part of me thought these videos were kind of funny at first glance as anytime children sing it is pretty dang cute. However, my better half of me knows that these clips are slightly twisted, and knows that I should be kind of scared about the generation that is coming up. 

What parent decides it's a good use of their child's amazing capacity to memorize things, to teach them rap songs about big butts and getting low? What happened to Mary's lamb, and Hey Diddle's Fiddle?

Isn't it just lovely how the parents say,"Good job!" when they are done?  

Lollipop, pop! Duh, dum, dum, dum.

My 8 year-old niece Taylor called me tonight and caught me off guard with, "Hi Aunt Susie, my mom told me that you know a dance to the lollipop song and I wanted to know if you would teach it to me for the talent show tryouts next month."

A brief awkward phone silence followed while I processed what she just said, realizing that she was serious . . .

Of course I do not know a dance to the 50s lollipop song. But of course I TOTALLY pretended like I did so I would not let Taylor down or sacrifice my cool aunt status.

"Oh Taylor, I would love to teach you and 2 friends my special lollipop dance for your tryouts!"

. . . Thanks Sis.


Mawwwage - Is What Brings us Togetha Today

Dedicated to the recent passing of Proposition 8.

My favorite wedding scene ever.


Becasue I Don't Have Any Yet

My Girls:

Out of the Office, Into the House

I'm not referring to my recent move from working at an office in Utah, to telecommuting from home in Las Vegas. Although, it is kind of fitting I suppose.

I used to be a huge fan of The Office. I even have the once coveted, and ever so hard to find Dwight Schrute bobble head on my desk. But sadly, I have not been overly impressed with any episodes this season and most of last season's. They are ok, but they are no where near as belly-laughing funny as they used to be. Could you agree?

I kind of feel like an un-loyal child who eventually gets sick of their once favorite toy, only to find a new and shinier one. Kind of like a Buddy/Buzz-Lightyear type thing.

My new show of choice is House. Although it has been on for a while now, I just picked up on it a couple months ago randomly one night. I originally hated Hugh Laurie's (Dr.House) dry and heartless disposition. But he quickly grew on me and I am a huge fan.

You would never guess that Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) is from England and has a thick British accent. He has to practice acting in English. I have always known that American actors have to practice British accents, but I have never considered the opposite.

It is amusing to watch House with Niels because he gets kind of giddy when he understands the medical terms they are using on the show because he is learning them at school.

I have even noticed that anytime something hurts or if I find something abnormal on my body, I find myself subconsciously creating an episode in my head. Normal, right?