Tell me how you really feel . . .

I knew Niels didn't enjoy the smell of my nighttime lip balm, but I didn't realize the extent . . .


Groupie Love

We defrosted in southern California for the second week of Niels's break. The main catalyst for the trip was a "Home for the Holidays" reunion show for the band he played in during college, Orange Whip Groove.

Most of the fellas (well actually all of them) are from California, but they graciously allowed a Las Vegan in their circle to tickle the keys.

It was great to see the whole crew and hear about all the changes real life has brought in a short three years. For some, a few kids are now in the mix, coupled with some real jobs, and some are still living the grad school dream.

I wasn't really expecting much in terms of a turnout, but the venue was pretty awesome and there were over 100 people there. Not too shabby! It was fun to revert to the groupie days of following the band around for all their gigs. Nice work OWG!




My roots run deep roots in Malad, Idaho. Having only spent the first four years of my life there, I don't remember nearly as much as my three older siblings do. But that's ok considering that I am the most normal of my kin since I lived the least amount of time there.

While the town doesn't mean a lot to many people, perhaps not even some it's residents . . . it is very symbolic to me. It is a heavy reminder of my amazing family roots, and of the wonderful times of my family before my dad passed away. Thoughts of "what if " flood my mind every time I visit . . . mostly what if we actually stayed and I grew up here?

While this is simply the only grocery store in the town to most, Thomas Market or Thomas Foodtown is the grocery store my grandfather built and operated. He passed the torch down to my uncle, and he recently sold it to his son (in the photo). It obviously has been updated over the years with all the bells and whistles. I sure hope the Walmart empire will never ruin this place.

Circa 1980s

Where else can you get "Ho-made" pie?

The legendary Malad Drive-in. It was closed the day we went and I had to forgo the iron port and cheese snack combo I had been dreaming of for weeks. Saddest. day. ever.

Our house. So crazy to me that I lived here since I obviously don't remember it at all.

My dad's resting place


Forgive the duplicity of this post me if you follow Jessica's blog.

My best friend is pretty much amazing for many reasons but mostly these three:
  • She has 3 children and she is my age
  • She is graduating with her masters degree in May
  • She attended my wedding 7 days after giving birth AND slapped on a bridesmaid dress.
Well, I was lucky enough to go visit her and her fam last month to see her new baby boy, Conner. He is a miracle baby after spending nearly a month in the NICU with a few minor complications. He's a tiny man and I love him! I brought him a few 0-3 months outfits and I think they will fit around 9 months.

All gussied up for his blessing. So handsome.

Nothing like a frigid downtown Reno parade!

Cute lil' momma

Me and the Sadie lady

So maybe I get a little nervous when it snows really hard. Especially when I have to travel in it. And maybe I over-exaggerate a little when it comes to inclement weather. It stormed in Reno and I thought I was going to be snowed in for weeks. While I could think of worse things than being stuck with the bff, life goes on and a girls needs to get home. So when life deals me bad weather, I hire the local teenage potheads from her complex to shovel us out!

(Notice Jessica cheering them on the background.