I really wanted to post this picture without any text, but I should probably explain.

I resisting reading Twilight for a very long time mainly becasue I get really annoyed when there is a public frenzy and people go overboardly nuts about a certain item ( e.g. Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, Harry Potter, Black Friday . . . you get my drift.)

I finally gave in after the world settled down 10 notches, and ended up reading Twilight while we were in Europe this spring. I wanted to see if it really was as addicting as everyone makes it out to be.

While Niels mocked me for reading such a lame and unrealistic love story between a human and a vampire, I just rebuttled by reminding him he was reading Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, an unrealistic silly sci-fi space novel. I hate sci-fi for the most part.
I offerred a propostion and told him that I would read his book if he would read mine, knowing he would have no interest. He didn't really give a solid answer, we never agreed on it, nor did we shake hands on it . . . nothing was set.

Look who found my lame and unrealistic vampire love story under my bed.  AND, guess who finished it in 3 days?


Walllllllllll - E

The jury is still out on this one.


Nightly Spending Confessions

My name is Susie Jensen, and I'm a Targetaholic. 

Niels recently decided that he wants to start keeping track of our daily spending by writing down what we buy everyday. He explains that by doing this we can have a better idea of where the majority of our money is going, and that we can create a budget accordingly.

Not that I am a big and frivolous spender by any means, but nonetheless I still dread the nightly question . . . "What did you buy today honey?" I don't loathe it because I think Niels will be angry, or because I have bought a bunch of useless garbage. Rather, I am embarrassed that 80% of my spending confessions involve Target. (The other 20% being Costco, naturally.)

Am I the only one who goes to Target whenever I am feeling ___________ ? (insert any emotion here.) 

It is the one place where I run in to get "a few things" and come out with a new outfit, shoes, and some decoration for the house. 

Do you remember being teased/teasing others in junior high school for wearing clothes from Target?  Let's just say that I am so thankful for the change of times, and for Target's amazing marketing and PR efforts that have made their clothes and everything else they sell socially acceptable in my adulthood. 

Just a side note, I think it's funny that anytime I see someone wearing a red shirt and khaki bottoms anywhere, I immediately associate them with the squad of  Target Team Members.

All and all, I am actually looking forward to working on a new budget with Niels. I just really hope we can agree on squeezing in a highly important monthly allocation to the red bulls eye.