Bob hair, feathers, lace, flapper dress, pearls, hats, vests, smokes, speakeasies & mobs.

I'm sure you have been asked at some point in your life the question of where you would go if you could time travel. I think it would be awesome to revisit the 20s; sans the whole depression part.

We went to a roaring 20s themed murder mystery party this month with Niels' dental crew gang. We were slightly skeptical since we have never been to one of these shindigs before. We thought it could either be very corny or pretty awesome depending on the spectrum of participation from all the "characters".

I'm thinking that I could pull off a platinum bob ....

"Kitty Cocktail" and "Cy Ramsey"

Needless to say there were no lame among us and it was swanky good time.

My Lucky Charms

I love being an aunt in case you didn't know.

My girls came over for a sleepover last week. We are thrilled that my sister recently started letting Avery, the hilarious and ever so micheivious 2 year-old, join her older sisters in all the fun. We made homeade pizzas, went to Yogurtland and Uncle Niels read bedtime stories.

After a late night of good times and an early start to the day at 6:15 am (for some reason they cannot sleep in at our house) I decided to go mess up my sister's kitchen and bake some St.Patty's rainbow cupcakes. Or, "nupcakes" as Avery calls them.
They were super easy and they loved them. Really you could do them for any holiday and just change up the colors.