I usually silence my cell phone at work but luckily I forgot to last Friday. I was in a one-on-one meeting with the bossman when I heard my phone go off not once - but three separate times within 5 minutes. Now I'm not usually that popular while I'm on the clock so I briefly excused myself to check and see who was trying to catch me.

It was my doctor's office calling to tell me that my doc had a last-minute surgery come up during my scheduled appointment in a few hours. Of course I got heated instantly because I assumed they were going to tell me I had to wait an entire week to come back in since Niels can only ditch school on Friday afternoons. Instead they said that if I could come in right then that I would be seen, or else I would have to wait the week like I assumed. So without even processing the fact I had to ask bossman permission, and without even checking if Niels could get out clinic two hours earlier than expected, I automatically told the nurse I would be there stat.

I was already down the elevator and in my car before I got Niels' voicemail 3 times. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. So I may or may not have called the school operator and told them I had a medical emergency and that Niels needed to call me. Ok, so I did do that. Is that horrible? I just did not want him to miss our first child's ultrasound because I was being selfish and couldn't stand waiting any longer. Yet, I kept on driving like a Utah mom with road rage without knowing if he was going to make it and I felt pretty sick about the whole thing. We finally connected and luckily he didn't have a patient so he was able to just drop everything and meet me.

It was a good thing we rushed there and everything. Only waited a brief 45 minutes in the lobby.

So there we sat waiting, and I was doing everything short of the potty-dance to hold my liquids in for the ultrasound. I finally asked the nurse if I could use the facilities and she looked at me funny. Is she really asking me permission? When I explained that I was holding my liquids for my ultrasound she looked at me even more confused, looked down at my chart, and said that she only had me down a standard office visit today.

I locked stares with the nurse with my onset misty eyes and explained that I hadn't been in for over 7 weeks and just wanted to know that everything was ok with our child and that the doctor said we would be looking at the development today.

Long story short - I misunderstood my doctor at my last appointment - or so he says - and no ultrasound was scheduled for another 3 weeks.

But alas, I discovered that tears and a pathetic sappy frown go a long way when your pregnant. I think my brother-in-law says it best: "Never say no to a pregnant lady." When we finally went back to a room, our doctor came in and eventually gave into my hormonal antics. He said it would be too premature to look at all the organs and all the other good stuff that day but that we could do the gender ultrasound if we wanted to. Um, yes please.

Needless to say we spent the next 20 minutes with a friendly ultrasound tech who showed us a lot more than just the gender. Our little girl appears to be growing nicely and her innards look good so far. It was crazy to see her moving around on the ultrasound screen becasue I couldn't feel it at all! I'm sure that will change in a month or two. Anyway, the body is fascinating and I am amazed everyday by what this little one doing.

We've got a little poser. Propped up on her side with her hand on her head. And that tiny bum!


Old Wives' Tales

I enjoy surprises and spontaneous events. But my other half, well more like my other three-fourths, is slightly anal and an organized planner by nauture. Thus the reason I am not one of those women that wants the gender of their baby to be a surprise.

The suspense is killing me.

We have an ultrasound tomorrow and I have had a few pep talks with the little peanut. Well to be politically correct, baby J is the size of an avacado this week, but that sounds weird. Nonetheless, I told the little avacado that there will be none of this leg-crossing shy business. We want to see spread eagle frog formation on camera tomorrow.

In the meantime I thought it would be entertaining to test a few wives' tales for kicks and giggles.

Chinese Prediciton Chart:
My best friend swears by this ancient method as it has worked on all 3 of her babies. But then again she is a little wacky. Basically you find the mother's age and then the month of conception.

Now I am a tricky grasshopper becasue my b-day is in February, and that's the month when the magic happened (TMI?) so I don't know if I was 25 or 26 which is the difference between a boy or girl.

Result: Non-conclusive.

Golden Pendent Test:
The test: Hang a gold pendant over the palm of the mother’s hand. If the pendant moves in a circular motion, it will be a girl. If it swings back and forth, a boy is on the way.

Well riddle me this old wives, what the heck does it mean if it swung in a circular motion over my left palm and a back and forth motion over my right?

Result: Non-conclusive.

The test: Craving sweets like chocolate? Then a sweet little girl is headed your way. However, if sour and salty things like citrus and pickles are your thing, then a boy is on the way.

I haven't had a ton of cravings but I certainly prefer saltier foods, which is soooo not usually like me. I am a usually a candy junkie and it pretty much sounds disgusting most days. The only things I have needed as a result of sudden impulse are: Taco Bell, Orange Chicken and Sonic Cherry Limeades. Super healthy.

Result: Boy

The Test: Take a a good look in the mirror. Zitty teen complexion, girl. Soft and smooth without a blemish, boy.

Result: Boy

Baby Heart Rate:
Now this one seemed to me to be the most scientific, but it has been proven to be just a myth. But we will play along anyway. The Test: over 140 bpm its a speedy little girl, under 140 and its a low key little boy. At ten weeks Baby J was 160 bpm.

Result: Girl

Soooo basically we have no idea and the old wives are full of it. However, my maternal insticnts are telling me boy, but the father says girl. Stay tuned.


Shake it up

For all you pregnant/non pregnant people , this is a really good protein shake that I discovered while blog stalking a few weeks ago. You do it too, don't judge.

It is quite delicious and filling. When everything else sounds horrible this still hits the spot. Anyway, thought i'd share the wealth. I usually eat it with a piece of dry toast.

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 cup of nonfat milk
1 cup frozen fruit (i like the frozen mixed berry mix from Costco)
half a banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/2 cup uncooked oats (this makes the texture kind of gritty so if you're not into that sort of thing, nix this)