Prove it

I had this friend in high school who had a minor obsession with heart throb Josh Harnett after Pearl Harbor came out. Then again, who didn't?  

Randomly one day she told our group of friends that she scored the chance to meet Joshy in LA, and talked it up big time for a few weeks.  Ironically enough, she  "dropped her camera in the pool"  while she was there and the film was totally ruined.  Consequently, she had nothing to show us, but lots to tell, about her wonderful afternoon with Josh.  

Because it all sounded too good to be true, I chose not to believe her because the evidence was gone to prove it.  So high school/Mean Girls of me, I know. 

Well this story surfaced in my mind as I sit here in Costa Rica without my camera.  Nope, I didn't drop mine in the water . . .  I left it at the gate at LAX before I even got on the plane to come.

So I have no evidence, and not even a tan to sport,  to prove that I was here. 

So when I post stories or tell you about my trip when I get back, it's ok if you don't believe me.