I, I, I

I have refrained from playing the tag game for a long time, but Kristy (the girl who replaced my position in Utah) got me and now I feel obligated to participate as a necessity to keep our working relationship strong ;)

I have... roots and look like I am from West Valley Utah
I fear... any activity that has a high potential of getting hurt.
I always... have to wash all the dishes in the sink and wipe down the counters before I go to bed.
I feel... like I am finally starting to get a daily routine going again.
I hear... Niels downstairs fixing the bobber thing-a-majig on the toilet that broke off the first day we moved in.
I smell... the onions I just chopped for fresh pico de gallo.
I wish ... I rocked at volleyball so that I could go to pick up games with Niels.
I hate... mayo, ranch and people that don't follow through.
I wonder... where all the stuff is that we are missing from the move!?
I regret....not paying attention in some of my classes in college as much as I should have.
I love.... sushi, creating new salads with whatever I have on hand, trying new restaurants with Niels, anything gummy, playing with my nieces and nephews, diet coke, road trips, running to a great playlist on my iPod, spooning.
I am... getting used to working from home.
I think... I will freshen up my Spanish skills this year.
I know... that August was the most expensive month of my life so far.
I want... to get motivated to wake up early and work out as much as I used to.
I always.... steal food from Niels' plate. Always.
I am not .... a fan of Lord of the Rings.
I am like... uhhh . . I dunno on this one, any suggestions?
I believe.... everything happens for a reason and that we cross paths with people/friends/experiences at certain periods of our lives for a purpose.
I don't always... wash my hair everyday. (This doesn't mean I don't shower daily, btw.)
I am happy that... I work for a great company and that I live by my sister and my nieces.
I win... at finding excellent bargains.
I lose... my keys and at any video game that is 3-dimensional.
I never... have been camping.
I need... to get to the beach this year.
I listen... to Pandora.com everyday. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I command you to go try it out.
I am scared of... snakes.
I read... lots and lots of emails and National Geographic.


Only in Vegas. . .

Will the stranger that sold you his TV on Craig's List call you and tell you that because you are new in town he would like to invite you to a low-key party at his house to get to know some people. He assures you it won't be anything fancy . . . just a few kegs, good music and great people.

Fabulous Friends and Farewells

It was pretty hard to leave some great people in Utah. I am especially full of thanks for the two great going away parties that were thrown for us.

My boss Paul decided to throw together a bbq shindig at his house with all of the managers at the office. Most of the guests had never been to his house before and were likely expecting the average summer bbq. However, I have been in his home numerous times before and I know that there is no such thing as average if his wife is ever involved with the planning.

I walked into Paul's house and was surprised to find Kelsey Nixon cooking in the kitchen! Now, you might recognize Kelsey (the girl in black) if you ever watched "The Next Food Network Star". She has been dubbed the mini Martha Stewart and she catered the event. Pretty cool, right? Kristy, on the far right, replaced my position at the office. She is great.

Is it kosher that my going away party was as nice as our wedding? =) It was beautiful and I was genuinely touched by it all.

A few days later some of our best family friends, the Hofheins, had a surprise going away dinner for us. They posted about 50 of these neon signs all over their house that had great memories and funny sayings from the past 6 years that we have known them. I was doing fine emotionally about the whole move thing until I started reading all of these and began reminiscing. It was the first time I got a little misty eyed.

We are really excited to meet new friends here now, even though they will have pretty big shoes to fill.


New Diggs

After both living in one-story places that have shared walls with other people for 6 years, we are pretty stoked about moving here in 2 weeks.

Please come stay with us if you are ever in Vegas. Seriously.

I cook a mean breakfast, and Niels has a great nightly turn down service.