While my given name is Susan, if you know me well enough hopefully you would agree that I am very much not a Susan, and a complete Susie.

I often question if Susie will become too juvenile of a name at a certain age. Something seems weird about a 70 year-old Susie. I don't know why I fuss over it so much. But I will argue that the Susie to Susan jump is far more life-changing than say Mike to Michael or Matt to Matthew. I don't know why, it just is.

I had a brief experience last week that almost forced me into pre-term Susan before I was ready to go there and age myself 20 years.

I started a new job last month and I am obviously still acclimating to the office and my colleagues. My new bossman is a little intimidating. I'm sure that will change over time, but he called me into his office last week and the following conversation occurred, or something like unto it:

Boss: (In a slightly annoyed tone) “Please call IT today and have them change your name to Susan Jensen in the system. There is another Susie Jensen in the company directory that works in our Arizona division and it is causing problems when I try to email you. It will just be easier all-around if you go by Susan ... thanks.”

Silently I stood in front of him with my compliant, “yes sir”, “ jump how high?” new employee face, completely annoyed with "Arizona Susie." I processed my options and counter-offered the big guy.

Me: “Can I have IT try and hard-code my name somehow into your Outlook so you don’t have any problems? I’d really rather not go by Susan if at all possible.”

Needless to say Susie Jensen lives happily ever after. The end.