The downside of living with your dentist

A few nights ago Niels came in the bedroom to take a break from studying and I was already in bed with lights out just about to fall asleep. The following conversation followed:

Niels: Babe, are you asleep?
Me: Not yet . . .
Niels: Did you already get ready for bed?
Me: Yup
Niels: You brushed your teeth?
Me: Sure did. (did he really just ask that?)

3 minutes goes by as he starts his nighttime routine in the bathroom

Niels: What toothbrush did you use, honey? (I realize most people only have 2, but we usually have about 6 going at once)
Me: The electric one. Are you really checking the bristles to make sure they're wet? Like I'm 5 and lied to you about brushing my teeth? (Seriously?!!?)
Niels: Yup.
Me: Wow.