The downside of living with your dentist

A few nights ago Niels came in the bedroom to take a break from studying and I was already in bed with lights out just about to fall asleep. The following conversation followed:

Niels: Babe, are you asleep?
Me: Not yet . . .
Niels: Did you already get ready for bed?
Me: Yup
Niels: You brushed your teeth?
Me: Sure did. (did he really just ask that?)

3 minutes goes by as he starts his nighttime routine in the bathroom

Niels: What toothbrush did you use, honey? (I realize most people only have 2, but we usually have about 6 going at once)
Me: The electric one. Are you really checking the bristles to make sure they're wet? Like I'm 5 and lied to you about brushing my teeth? (Seriously?!!?)
Niels: Yup.
Me: Wow.


Janae Walker said...

oh man, this made me laugh so hard!

Jill said...

the downside of living with a hygienist...you better believe i'm checking the trash to see if my spouse flossed that night! Just kidding, ok maybe not :) Funny post! and 6 toothbrushes! :)

Logg said...

Don't be offended Suz, he did the same thing to me when we lived together.

Tobler said...

Here's the funny thing. We've had that exact conversation at our house, only it's Kristin grilling me.

I feel like I'll have a lot of empathy for my patients who don't brush or floss. Right guys?

jenorme said...

Ha Ha! Sheldon seriously asked me if I washed my hands the other day when I came out of the bathroom. WHAT?! Like I'm some disgusting person with no hygiene.

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Too funny, Jen. I can't lie though I have asked Niels to feel his hands a time or two after he has used the bathroom.

Tobler - The patients won't need to know a thing.

Jill - he does that too sometimes.

Clarke and Kamie said...

lol! Too funny. Some nights I am lazy about my teeth and clarke thinks I am insane for not brushing AND flossing. So sue me.