Blessing Day

Claire's blessing day was a great affair. Over 50 family members and friends joined us from six states, and Germany for the big day. We feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing circle of support.

Niels did a nice job and we were pretty surprised that by some miraculous measure Claire didn't make a single peep with practically half a football team surrounding her.

Isn't she a dream in white?

Grandma and Grandpa Colton came all the way from Germany!

Grandma and Grandpa Jensen

Niels' Grandma Haycock suffered a stroke in December and is living in an assisted care center until she improves enough to move back to her home. We were so touched that the center allowed her to leave for a few hours so she could attend the blessing.
The Thomas Clan

The Vegas Cousins

More Family and Friends
Practically my second family, The Hofheins, made the trip from Utah and helped make it a very special weekend.
A big thanks to all our friends and family for your love and support!


Faith Garff said...

she looks beautiful.

Rachel said...

She is a doll and I love that your toes make an appearance in the first picture.

Jen said...

she is so cute!

Brett said...

She is a cuuuuutie!!! Hope you're doin well momma! We need to catch up!

JLrich said...

She is too cute:)

Delaine said...

Susie, Just happened upon your blog this evening!!! So happy that you have had your little one! I have to say she is one of the most adorable, beautiful little girls I have ever seen--really she is wonderful! So happy to see you guys vie blog--I'll have to look more often now.

Hawks said...

WOW!! I didnt know you were so famous! I am sad we didnt get to see each other in Las Vegas.The blessing outfit looks so cute and I love Claire's eyes. I hope you are enjoying the life of a mom!