We were sitting the fence on whether or not to put up a tree this year as we would be so busy to enjoy it very much.  However, since my office is moving this Friday, I didn't bother setting up the tree there only to have to take it down for the move.  Also, the office is shut down for the week of Christmas, so it wouldn't make much sense to set it up at the new space either.  
I figured the office tree and all of it's decor needed a good home this XMAS, so we decided to loot and to adopt it this season =)
The only problem once we brought it home was that this 10' tree was way too tall for our itty-bitty house. So we were crafty and took out the middle segment of the tree and decided to use the top and bottom half to make our first little Xmas tree. It's wobbly if you touch it too hard, but it's just great for us!  

Niels is like a little boy in this picture

Ta Dah!
 Well, I learned here, that pictures of trees never do justice because you can't see all the detail.  


Kevin, Danica, and Claire: said...


Sara Jensen said...

Pretty! We just set up our tree-it's so fun. I'll post pictures soon.

The Dynamic Trio said...

Aww! That's such a pretty tree! We haven't put one up yet... :( I'm jealous! :) It's BEAUTIFUL!

The Dynamic Trio said...

OH! P.S. I LOVE that ornament!

Trevor and Brooke said...

Love the tree and I bet that you love that you didn't have to pay for one! It looks great!

P & J said...

Hi Jensens--cute blog. You both look great! I'm jealous of your tree. We've had 5 Christmases together and no luck. I guess we're looting the wrong places. Found your blog through someone else's. Ours is patandjen.blogspot.com if you're interested. Have a great one!