Good times, good times.

We are always happy and very willing to escape the cold and the snow. Last weekend we traded Utah's first snow day, for a heavy weekend of rain in Arizona! We flew down along with the rest of the family to celebrate the retirement of Dave Colton, Niels' step-father. It was a great and relaxing time filled with late-night girl talk among the sisters, and lots of sports watching among the brothers (and grandpa, of course).
Niels and I have been fairly spoiled the past three weeks with complimentary, fancy schmancy dinners. We have eaten at Sundance, La Caille, Ben & Sara's (my sister-in law who is in culinary school), The resort where Dave's retirement dinner was held, and Bambara at Hotel Monaco, SLC. Not too bad for newlyweds, eh? We have struggled with our transition back to normal people food this week. =)

A VERY Rare Occasion: The Colton/Jensen Crew Minus all the grandchildren at the dinner.

My mother-in-law treated the girls to pedicures! (oh yeah, and my my brother- in -law Dave too!)

Usually wives get baby hungry before their husbands do . . . These pictures of Niels and our niece Abby make me wonder if that will be the case for us.


Sara Jensen said...

Cute pictures. Look at you, all caught up. The next time we're up in Salt Lake we'll have to try one of those restaurants. Niels and Abbey are adorable! The Jensen boys being baby hungry? Nah. :)

It was fun to go running with you, even if we got wet. Fun memories.

Carolyn said...

You guys pack in a lot of fun in a short time! What an impressive group en masse! Wish I could have been there.

Hawks said...

I didnt know you had a BLOG!! You need to tell me these things. I added you to mine...check ours out at www.jessicaanddavid.blogspot.com

Carol and Tyler said...

What a fun trip!!! This blog is sweet! We don't see each other enough for me to get all these details! You guys are adorable...don't let Niels get hungry, give him the baby!!