I, I, I

I have refrained from playing the tag game for a long time, but Kristy (the girl who replaced my position in Utah) got me and now I feel obligated to participate as a necessity to keep our working relationship strong ;)

I have... roots and look like I am from West Valley Utah
I fear... any activity that has a high potential of getting hurt.
I always... have to wash all the dishes in the sink and wipe down the counters before I go to bed.
I feel... like I am finally starting to get a daily routine going again.
I hear... Niels downstairs fixing the bobber thing-a-majig on the toilet that broke off the first day we moved in.
I smell... the onions I just chopped for fresh pico de gallo.
I wish ... I rocked at volleyball so that I could go to pick up games with Niels.
I hate... mayo, ranch and people that don't follow through.
I wonder... where all the stuff is that we are missing from the move!?
I regret....not paying attention in some of my classes in college as much as I should have.
I love.... sushi, creating new salads with whatever I have on hand, trying new restaurants with Niels, anything gummy, playing with my nieces and nephews, diet coke, road trips, running to a great playlist on my iPod, spooning.
I am... getting used to working from home.
I think... I will freshen up my Spanish skills this year.
I know... that August was the most expensive month of my life so far.
I want... to get motivated to wake up early and work out as much as I used to.
I always.... steal food from Niels' plate. Always.
I am not .... a fan of Lord of the Rings.
I am like... uhhh . . I dunno on this one, any suggestions?
I believe.... everything happens for a reason and that we cross paths with people/friends/experiences at certain periods of our lives for a purpose.
I don't always... wash my hair everyday. (This doesn't mean I don't shower daily, btw.)
I am happy that... I work for a great company and that I live by my sister and my nieces.
I win... at finding excellent bargains.
I lose... my keys and at any video game that is 3-dimensional.
I never... have been camping.
I need... to get to the beach this year.
I listen... to Pandora.com everyday. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I command you to go try it out.
I am scared of... snakes.
I read... lots and lots of emails and National Geographic.


Jensen Family said...

I know what you should have put for "I am like"...the best person in the world - and I'mnot just saying that for brownie points, I really mean it :)

La said...

Ok so I check in our your blog every so often and today saw the thing about pandora radio. i LOVE it. thanks sooo much! made my week.
PS: this is lauren clayton woffinden. so hi.

Seandrea said...

I love how you threw in "spooning" at the end of "I love.." I cannot get used to that word. I just don't like it!

Kristy and Brett said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing so much personal information maintaing our working relationship!!! I love it! I think we really might have too much in common...however, I don't know what Pandora radio is so i'll check it out, since you commanded!

Anya said...

I am in awe that you could "smell onions from MAKING FRESH PICO DE GALLO." Who MAKES pico de gallo- no wonder Niels loves you!!

jenorme said...

Susie is like her sister..perfect in every way. :)
How have you never been camping in your life? That's it, you and Taylor are going. I don't want Taylor telling people that her Mom only lets her go camping in our gameroom anymore. Sheldon has a portable toilet so we're set. :)