Fabulous Friends and Farewells

It was pretty hard to leave some great people in Utah. I am especially full of thanks for the two great going away parties that were thrown for us.

My boss Paul decided to throw together a bbq shindig at his house with all of the managers at the office. Most of the guests had never been to his house before and were likely expecting the average summer bbq. However, I have been in his home numerous times before and I know that there is no such thing as average if his wife is ever involved with the planning.

I walked into Paul's house and was surprised to find Kelsey Nixon cooking in the kitchen! Now, you might recognize Kelsey (the girl in black) if you ever watched "The Next Food Network Star". She has been dubbed the mini Martha Stewart and she catered the event. Pretty cool, right? Kristy, on the far right, replaced my position at the office. She is great.

Is it kosher that my going away party was as nice as our wedding? =) It was beautiful and I was genuinely touched by it all.

A few days later some of our best family friends, the Hofheins, had a surprise going away dinner for us. They posted about 50 of these neon signs all over their house that had great memories and funny sayings from the past 6 years that we have known them. I was doing fine emotionally about the whole move thing until I started reading all of these and began reminiscing. It was the first time I got a little misty eyed.

We are really excited to meet new friends here now, even though they will have pretty big shoes to fill.


Joe said...

Hi, you don't know me, so I apologize for butting in as an outsider. I just wanted to say that your photos are absolutely beautiful.

It reminds me of the line from the movie "Lord of War" where the girl looks through the penthouse and says "You have a beautiful...everything!"

jenorme said...
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Lindzie said...

Are you sure that was a going away party? That looked more like a 2nd wedding reception!

Anya said...

Ummmm. You can't just have any going away party with a house that gi-normous and beautiful.

Doug and Heather said...

we miss you already! i can't look at your pictures without getting hungry... has niels started school yet? how's the new house?

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Niels just started yesterday it is crazy that it is finally here. I have been in some serious denial this year, it is a complete change of life. Can't wait for you and Doug to experience =) The house is wonderful! It is so nice to have space and to have things like a garage and a guest bedroom that make me so happy. I will see you later this month.

Stephanie said...

Just saw this post - an oversight on my part. Of course Paul threw you a party. Lets just post the "Susie replacement cry-for-help" email he sent out and that'll explain things. Wait, I think I have it in my email. Nevermind, I'll post it.