Apparently they don't count

Should I feel bad that my husband got mocked on his first day of lunch at dental school? Perhaps I should be sad like a parent is, when their kid gets picked on by the lunchroom bully.

I should have taken the hint last weekend . . .

Last weekend:
Susie: Did you eat all of my blueberry sorbet?
Niels: Well ya, I had a sweet tooth and we didn't have anything else to cure it.
Sure we do, we have Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butters, Oreos AND Grasshoppers.
Niels: 100 calorie packs don't count, babe.
Susie: What? Why? They are delicious.
Niels: Eh, they are good, but they still don't count.

2 days later . . . first day of dental school
Susie: How was lunch?
Niels: Great. That sandwich you made was really good, the guys I sat with were jealous.
Susie: No they weren't.
Niels: Yes they were. But, I did . . . never mind.
Susie: What?
Niels: Never mind.
Susie: Just tell me what you were going to say!
Niels: I got made fun of when I pulled out my 100 calorie pack with a bunch of guys.



Kevin, Danica, & Claire said...

i love those snacks too! i wonder if niels brought up his summer reading material (twilight) with the guys or if that wouldn't have gone over well. :)

if you like silly videos, then you and niels will like this one. have you seen hook? search "unbelievable dinner" on you tube. it's so funny, and kevin just about wet his pants as we watched it b/c he was laughing so hard. hopefully i didn't build it up too much.

Sara Jensen said...

I love it! Poor Nielsie. I've never even purchased them because Ben made fun of them once at the grocery store. Ben's lunch consists of a sandwich, yogurt, chips and famous amos (or leftovers). It looks like you're a little healthier than I am.

It was fun to see you last week.

jenorme said...

Poor Niels! I am sure that there are plenty of sour patch kids and skittles around your house. I'm sneaking some honey buns or twinkies in when I come. ;)

Clarke and Kamie said...

oh, what a good mommy you are! making sure he doesn't go over the calorie count...

BigSister said...

My hubby and I both love the 100 calorie packs. I think they are so fun when you have the munchies and just need a little something. We miss you around here at work. Hope you're loving Vegas. I'm sending good and happy thoughts your way. Love, Molly