A little help from my girls

I didn't have younger siblings, which might explain why I have always been so fond of my nieces. Something about being an aunt brings me so much joy. The girls all have funny little unique personalities, and they are always cracking me up.

The transition to Vegas has been somewhat of a huge adjustment, for me at least. However, please meet the little ones that have helped the process.



My sister Jen says she must have brought this on herself when she banned the color pink from Taylor's baby shower. Taylor seems to think that a little bit (or a lot, actually) of pink and bling makes everyone look better. She is the epitome of a girly girl.

I totally fear Jen's years ahead with Taylor as a teen, especially after seeing this picture of her sleeping on the couch with the face mask that SHE saved her money to buy and HAD to have.

Because Halloween is around the corner, you might guess that Taylor has always chosen princess this costume, fairy that costume, and wants to be Pocahontas this year.


I love this picture only because she looks so intense here , when really, she is the goofiest toe-headed child you have ever met. She still has one of those small person voices and I am sad for the day when she finally develops a big kid one and starts saying "blue" instead of "bwue". Sydney loves yellow and blue, and wanted to be Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carribean (yes, the octopus face man) last year for Halloween. This year she wants to be Captain Hook after watching "Hook" with Robin Williams at my house last month. Don't worry, Taylor was quick to show her disgust by saying, "Sydney! You always pick the boy costumes!!" as she shot her a crusty look. Jen has shot these down too.


Oh, Miss Avery. While most baby girls have cute cooing noises, Avery has a wide range of grunts and other random loud noises that crack me up. She is definitely danger becasue she makes me baby hungry if I am around her too long. I am excited to be here for the next 4 years and watch this one grow.

The girls love their Uncle "Skittles" - couldn't quite say Niels when they first met him.

I guess I have always just assumed that I will have all girls too, because they are somewhat dominant in my family. But then again, Niels has mostly boys in his, so it will be interesting to see how that will all work out down the road.

I will need some SERIOUS boy training after playing hard with these girls.


Shellee said...

Hey Suzie, love this post about the girls. You've described them perfectly!

Noelle said...

they are all so cute!!!

jenorme said...

You are in so much trouble if Taylor finds out you have her picture with the face mask on your blog! She informed me that people need to ask permission before putting someone's pic on their blog.

P.S. As I am leaving this comment, Taylor is wearing pink diamond dangly clip on earrings while she is scooping up dog poop in the backyard. Fabulous!

Chris and Lynsey said...

Sus - your nieces are so cute! Isn't it nice to be close to family! I hope you love it!!
Anyhow just checking in on you. We need to add you to our blog!!
Anyhow love you, and miss you!
ttyl. take care

Carol and Tyler said...

SO cute! I haven't seen Sydney since she was barely walking! How fun you get to be so close to fam!

La said...

it is too crazy that you live down the street from berns and shea. we love them. we are in vegas for the weekend and are probably going to try to make it over to their house tonight (sat.) maybe if you guys are home we can all hang out together?!

Darla said...

Hey Suzie, What adorable girls! How nice it is to be so close to them. We miss having you around here. Darla Colton