Turkey Tales

It was soo last week, but . . .

This year we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house for my family of 6, minus both my sisters and my nieces. My mom brought the bird and Niels and I made all the sides. I told her I couldn't cook anything else if I had a Turkey in my oven all day. While that is very true, I was actually just too nervous about making a turkey.

It was the very first adult only holiday we have ever had. It felt slightly incomplete to not have the girls running around to buffer conversation with how cute they look or how funny they are.

I didn't take any pictures of my food creations, just of the ambiance . . .

My awesome brother Ryan saying, "Stop, don't take a picture of me . . . I don't want to be on your dumb blog!" He used to work in banquets at various hotels and has amazing napkin folding skills. I am jealous.

My best friend Jessica Jensen, her husband and her kids stayed with us for 3 nights. Her kids are pretty much little replicas of her and her husband, Travis. So cute.

On the same day that Jessica and Travis left, we wiped down the counter, washed all the sheets and towels and had a quick overnight visit from yet another Jensen family. Niels' brother Trevor and his family stayed with us on their way back to SLC from Disneyland. Caden and Hailey are alwasy cracking us up. It was so fun to see all of them.

To top off the busy week, we had . . . eh hem, we got to speak in church on Sunday. I was actually ok with it so people can stop asking us if we are new at functions.

Needless to say it was a crazy and eventful week. However, we are indeed thankful for the wonderful family and friends we had to share the holiday with!


Jensen Family said...

You are crazy but you already know that! Oh and by the way I am going to have to sue you for using my pictures without permission. I feel awful about doing this but mama's gotta pay the bills somehow!

Grandma said...
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Ann said...

I am impressed with your ambience skills!

My Thanksgiving was stress free. I did manage to put the potatoes in a bowl instead of everyone dipping straight from the pan.

Have a wonderful Christmas!