You Old Hag

If you know me well, then you will know my best friend Jessica Jensen as she usually comes up in conversation on average of about 3.74 times a day.

Today is her 25th bday (you're old Kika) so I thought I'd tell you all how much I love this woman. Seriouslly, who drives 10 hours to be a bridesmaid at my wedding 7 days after giving birth?!

Jessica and I became friends shortly after she decided to no longer be scared of me in 7th grade. You see I went through a skater phase in middle school where I wore a chain on my wallet and one those metal ball necklaces. I also wore blue mascara with white eyeliner and only wore Vans shoes (kind of like Avril). Jessica, being a naive girl from Farmington, Utah . . . knew that girls that looked like me must have been trouble. But, she eventually she saw past my facade, and embraced my quirks in all their glory. The rest is simply history.

I first thought about listing 25 things I love about you, but I could only come up with 7.

So instead I just want to say thank you for being such a huge part of my life. I know without a doubt that I would not be who/where I am today if you were not in my life these past 12 years.

You make me excited to be a mom someday when I watch you play with your kids. I just hope you will still consider living next door to me someday when we finally decide where we settle. And no, Forks, Washington is not an option.

Love your guts.

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Jensen Family said...

Umm... I could think of at least 100 things I love about myself and you couldn't think of 25?!? Thanks so much for being such a great best friend! I Love you!