When Hell Freezes Over

That’s right. That's when she said she’d come visit me in Las Vegas after moving back here form Utah last August . . . when it froze over.

So when it ever so randomly snowed 7 inches here in December, you better believe I told her to pack her bags. It was the most snow this city had seen in nearly three decades.

My 40 year-old best friend, Becca, (well she’s actually no longer 40, but I promised her I’d stop counting after then) pretty much hates Las Vegas to put it nicely. Typically, I am bombarded with the usual comments/questions when I meet people that are intrigued to learn I grew up here.

Nope, not Becca.

To her, my hometown is right up there with Galgotha. She even jokes sometimes about The church not being true here.

This all being said, she decided to follow-through on her afore mentioned oath, and came down with her husband to celebrate my quarter-life. They literally drove down and back, for one day. They are crazy/amazing and they made me feel pretty special.

I figured it was about time I finally saw one of the Cirque Du Solei shows. So we decided to see Mystere. I thought it was pretty good and entertaininig for a freak show. We ate at Maggiannos in the Fashion Show Mall beforehand. They also have one in SLC at The Gateway. We chose to do the family style set menu where there was a flat rate per person but you got to try all sorts of different dishes, appetizers, salads, etc. It was delish, I highly recommend.

Thanks for a great B-day guys. I hope we can do it again sometime, and hopefully I won’t have to wait for this place to freeze over again.


Lauren said...

Glad you had a good birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad hell froze over!! I just wish it hadn't happened right before we drove out there in December.
PS- Your hair color looks hot in the birthday cake picture!! And I'm loving the bangs!

Brandon and Erika said...

Hey Susie I'm glad you had a fun birthday! I will say that it was kind of freaky reading this post b/c we just did the exact same thing this weekend. We did Maggiano's family style & Mystere since my parents came into town. Weird! Didn't u love those 2 buff men that could lift each other with basically their toes:) I couldn't believe it. Did u by chance understand the god-like character carrying nipples?

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

That is pretty crazy, great minds think alike, and should hang out more often!

Ya, Hanz and Franz in the white spandex pants were definitely special. I didn't catch the nipple thing either. Then on the other hand, I found the baby pretty annoying too.

Taylor and Melissa said...

Hope you had a lovely b-day. Also please don't judge me and my wife because we love KFC. Thanks!