The 80's Called

And it wants it clothes back.

To say that I am completely underwhelmed with the recent fashion trends would be a grand understatement.

I work with the youth at my church and have recently had several healthy doses of: Are you kidding me? I wore that when I was a kid.

Ironically enough, I recall my mom saying the same thing when I was wearing flare bell bottoms in seventh grade. Ladies and gents - we have come full circle.

Side pony tails, zipper jeans, neon wannabe Rayband sunglasses, neon everything, stone wash denim, Keds, plaid, splatter paint apparel . . . and other ridiculous things that seriously should have skipped this fashion resurface cycle I am just discovering. Although, I haven't seen banana clips resurrect . . . yet.

Now on the other side of the dime, I would be thrilled if 80s butt rock music came back. I am not lying when I tell you that Monster Ballads is on my top 5 list of albums I own. Just saying.


jenorme said...

Parachute pants have yet to be seen as well...Sheldon is dying to wear his again. :)

Carol and Tyler said...

Somebody call Weston and Louie because if the cycle of time keeps going and overalls and gothic collar necklaces are coming back next, it may be time for a reunion tour :)

noelle regina said...

so not into 80s fashion. bring back the 40s.