When I got laid off this summer, one of my closest friends reassured me that I would be ok because I have always been “scrappy.” An awkward silence followed and then I replied, “Um, thanks? . . .”

I’m sure she meant well and that it was one of those intended compliments people give you like, “Wow, you look really comfy today.” Nonetheless, I sat for a minute not really sure what to make of it. Over the past 4 months I have realized that I am indeed scrappy.

A day or two hasn’t passed these last few months without someone asking me if I am working yet, and/or how I am staying busy with my time. I either give the long or the short answer depending on who is asking, and what my mood is that day.

The truth is that I have been staying crazy busy with tons of side work- short version.

Long version - I feel very fortunate for how things have come out of the woodwork and have fallen into place. Some might already know that I have been working as a virtual assistant for over a year for one of my former professors. I know, it kind of sounds kind of futuristic and somewhat Jetson-esque. Anyway, he has an established career with a well-known institution, but also runs a PR consulting firm on the side. I mainly do research for him, edit case studies and manage some of the operational things he doesn’t have time for. For a while, I juggled assisting him and doing my full-time job with HP. I really enjoyed the diversity it added to my daily grind.

After I lost my job this summer, I seriously tossed around the idea of how I could make a business model out of assisting people remotely from my home because I enjoy it so much. I started doing some preliminary research and soon discovered that I wouldn’t be able to compete with the ridiculously low rates that VAs charge in places like India and in the Philippines on sites like Elance.com. They seriously work for practically nothing!

I hadn’t thought twice about the whole thing since then, but somehow managed to pick up two more clients. So, I am now assisting 3 people remotely and it is working out fantastic. The best part is that I will still be able to manage them when I start my new job next month. I will be a crazy lady, but I guess I have always enjoyed a full plate.

While some friends already know the details of my new job, it is still too premature to announce them to the World here. More details to follow . . . stay tuned.


Chris & Lynsey Williamson said...

Sus I'm so glad you haven't missed a beat! I'm not really suprised though, ur a very hard worker! HP should have never let u go- but they obvisouly didn't know any better. I know u enjoy what u are doing now so I'm very happy u are getting more clients. Though I didn't know there was another job in the works.... I look forward to hearing more about it:-) love ya and miss ya. Let me know next time ur in town!!!!!

Tara said...

I realize you probably have NO idea who I am, but I'm not much of a blirker {sp?}. I generally comment on new blogs I find and if that creeps you out, well I'm sorry. I promise I'm not creepy, just a mormon mom with 4 kids who has severe insomnia and doesn't want to do the dishes.

Anyway, I really don't remember whose blog I hopped from, but it was someone in my ward. I'm new so I'm trying to spy out all the blogs in the ward. Anyhow, I don't think you are in my ward, but the crazy coincidence is that I was at that cooking class that you SIL did. It was really fun. My cousin somehow knows her and was there doing some photography for her, so my sister and I tagged along. Small world.

Ryan said...

"I realize you probably have NO idea who I am, but I'm...." your brother. I'm so you proud of you for being so scrap-tastic. You obviously inherited the hard-work-ethic-gene in our family (as evidenced by me reading your blog on a Friday morning when I should be churning out legal briefs for 'the man'). You'll have to tell me about your new job one of these days.

Stephanie said...

I want to be in the know. And I wouldn't say scrappy, I'd say you're the "resourceful" "incredible" "no mess" and "get er done" type.

The Becks said...

I don't want to be spreading any rumors here, but I couldn't help but speculate on what your new job will be. Seeing as a few friends know and it is too premature to say... could you possibly be an expectant mommy? Believe me... we will be staying tuned to find out!

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Holly! You are too funny. That is seriously clever and I wish that was the case. That would have been a really fun way to announce something like that!

We are excited to join the Rigby clan for Christmas. See you then!

Can you resend me an invite to your blog, btw. Sorry!