Forgive the duplicity of this post me if you follow Jessica's blog.

My best friend is pretty much amazing for many reasons but mostly these three:
  • She has 3 children and she is my age
  • She is graduating with her masters degree in May
  • She attended my wedding 7 days after giving birth AND slapped on a bridesmaid dress.
Well, I was lucky enough to go visit her and her fam last month to see her new baby boy, Conner. He is a miracle baby after spending nearly a month in the NICU with a few minor complications. He's a tiny man and I love him! I brought him a few 0-3 months outfits and I think they will fit around 9 months.

All gussied up for his blessing. So handsome.

Nothing like a frigid downtown Reno parade!

Cute lil' momma

Me and the Sadie lady

So maybe I get a little nervous when it snows really hard. Especially when I have to travel in it. And maybe I over-exaggerate a little when it comes to inclement weather. It stormed in Reno and I thought I was going to be snowed in for weeks. While I could think of worse things than being stuck with the bff, life goes on and a girls needs to get home. So when life deals me bad weather, I hire the local teenage potheads from her complex to shovel us out!

(Notice Jessica cheering them on the background.

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Jensen Family said...

I love you! I have decided just now that we must live close to each other! Oh and I must say I had no idea you were taking picture of my behind or else I would have lifted my jacket for you!