My roots run deep roots in Malad, Idaho. Having only spent the first four years of my life there, I don't remember nearly as much as my three older siblings do. But that's ok considering that I am the most normal of my kin since I lived the least amount of time there.

While the town doesn't mean a lot to many people, perhaps not even some it's residents . . . it is very symbolic to me. It is a heavy reminder of my amazing family roots, and of the wonderful times of my family before my dad passed away. Thoughts of "what if " flood my mind every time I visit . . . mostly what if we actually stayed and I grew up here?

While this is simply the only grocery store in the town to most, Thomas Market or Thomas Foodtown is the grocery store my grandfather built and operated. He passed the torch down to my uncle, and he recently sold it to his son (in the photo). It obviously has been updated over the years with all the bells and whistles. I sure hope the Walmart empire will never ruin this place.

Circa 1980s

Where else can you get "Ho-made" pie?

The legendary Malad Drive-in. It was closed the day we went and I had to forgo the iron port and cheese snack combo I had been dreaming of for weeks. Saddest. day. ever.

Our house. So crazy to me that I lived here since I obviously don't remember it at all.

My dad's resting place


noelle said...

malad is the bomb. i had a car break down there once and people couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. knowing that your early childhood was spent there in my book totally gives you street cred, or field cred, as the case may be.

Ryan said...

Great blog Suz...you might be on to something with regard to being the most normal of your siblings.

I can't believe that basketball hoop is still by our old house. That was Uncle Tim's hoop back in the 1960's/70's. I "helped" (watched) dad jackhammer it out of the ground when it was by the old Thomas grocery store and he transported it to our drive way.

We should go back up there for the 4th of July parade.

jenorme said...

Most normal, huh? You may not recognize our old house because it looked nothing like that...different color, new covered porch. Loved the pics, however. The Malad Bowl holds a special place in my heart. The wreath looks amazing. Sheldon has a class reunion this yr and I will stop for a jug of iron port.

Lauren Linford said...

So great you posted this. I remembered when I drove through and stopped somewhere to eat with my Grandparents. They didn't believe that you were related to the whole town until your Uncle and other family members walked into the diner (I asked the waitress if she knew any Thomas' and they pointed your family out). My grandparents thought it was hilarious!

Carol and Tyler said...

well, if you get tired of Niels telling you to brush your teeth it's got to feel good knowing you could escape to Malad and take over as Food Town's next Queen. Actually, I can't think of a grocery store I'd want to shop at more than one run by you. Full of Kashi bars, ravioli, spring mix lettuce and 1,000s of delicious things!! I think we're on to something here....

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Noelle - I'm pretty sure it was my one of my uncles or cousins that helped you.

Lauren - I remember when you took that huge trip with the Figgins. Too funny you stopped in Malad.

Carol - It is very nice to feel like an A-lister in Malad. You might be on to something with the grocery store idea . . . perhaps I can steal your coined name for me as the store. Suzalicious has a nice ring to it.

ashlee said...

Susie - I haven't seen you in forever and just found your blog. I had to comment because I LOVE Malad. My cousins grew up there and we spent many a 4th of July watching the town parade! It also boasts the local of my first spin the bottle session. lol Anyways - hope you are well!!

Jarom and Amber said...

I am a blog stalker.. I will admit. I found your blog from Hilary's and when I saw this I had to smile. My great grandparents live in Malad and they too owned many things that get passed down through the generations. It is such a sweet town to visit. My favorite part is all the painted fire hydrants. The cookie monster one was my favorite.