Many people have told us the first 6 weeks of having a baby are the hardest and then it gets a bit easier and fun. So here we are at 6 weeks and are excited to see what's on the horizon.

I can say that I am starting to feel a little more human and less of a zombie lately. No, not becasue she is sleeping through the night like some of the fibbers who claim their babies do at six weeks. Although ... she did hit the 10 lb. mark and it's amazing what a little meat on the bones does. She is now doing two, four hour streches most nights which isn't record setting, but I will take it instead of every one/two hours. Not to say that I don't like getting up to feed her, becasue I secretly kind of love it. I just hate the after effects the next morning.

I feel bad for her sometimes becasue I feel like she must be so bored. I mean, we are a lot of fun and all, but we struggle with knowing what to stimulate her with at this age since she doesn't really smile or make loud squeels of delight yet. So we have just been guessing a bunch and putting her in front of a lot of things. So far I have gathered that she enjoys the following ... I think:

Her Dad. I remember when we used to stare at eachother like this.

Her Swing. I felt guilty at first putting her in it what I felt was too often, but the girl loves it. And let's be honest, mom and dad love it sometimes too.


Mom's silly home made black & white note cards.

The mobile. Our cousins Matt and Becca let us borrow this beauty that she thinks is pretty neat. Thanks guys!


Carolyn said...

she's getting cuter and cuter....didn't think it possible!

BP and J said...

ahh, she's so cute!

jenorme said...

Seriously, black and white cards? You kill me. I can tell she already has you guys wrapped around her little cute finger. Just wait until she wants a "blue tendo".

Poulton Family said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So sorry this is my first time looking at her! Seeing her makes me miss seeing you both! One day we will see each other again. Love the name Claire. Love you both and she totally stole my heart with her amazing pictures!

Stephanie said...

Oh man. I'm obsessed. What a cute face. Congrats you two.