Georgia on my mind

It looks like we are packing our boxes next summer and heading down south for a few years. Niels decided he loves school so much that he wanted to specialize. So he will begin a 3-year residency in periodontics next July at the Medical College of Georgia, located in Augusta.

Our big decision came down to Georgia or Oklahoma City, and to me it felt like we had to choose between Mars or Jupiter. I know little about both places and have never been to either. So I basically told Niels to take us where he would have the best training and where we would be happiest. No pressure, honey.

Albeit very far away from family and friends, we are excited for the next chapter in our "student years" journey.  So far I hear Georgia is beautiful and the people are very friendly. I'll be honest I'm slightly nervous to be in right in the thick of the Bible belt. But I think me and the southern belles will jive just fine. Anytime I get too worried about it all, I just look at Claire and think about her calling me momma with a nice heavy accent.

One of the best perks about  living in Vegas is that so many people are always stopping through from/to California and Utah so we always get a fair share of company. I'm pretty sure nobody will just be stopping through Augusta, but please know that the door and the white picket fence will always be open if you are ever looking for some good ol' southern hospitality.


Lindzie said...

Just got back from Atlanta. It's beautiful weather right now. :) I wish you the best. I was just thinking I would love to move from Virginia to Georgia. No worries about being in the bible belt. I've learned to like it because people are more religious and open about it than I thought.

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

I didn't realize you were in VA, Lindzie. Glad to hear you are liking the East and the belt is treating you kind. :)

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Congrats to Niels, and you. What an exciting adventure you have ahead. I've always wanted to visit George;)

Hope you are doing well lady! Claire is a cutie cutie cutie!