The Big 1

Banner made by Claire's "Grandma" Becca. Isn't it fabulous?

It is mind blowing  that an entire year has already passed since we brought home our baby girl from the hospital. It has been the best and the fastest year of our lives.  (hopefully the feelings are mutual, little lady.)

   It's so crazy how much they change.

We originally planned on her1st  birthday party being a low-key and intimate affair. But 24 adults and 11 children later, we had a pretty sizable celebration at hand.


This is Claire's baby book that I took apart for a decoration. They are big envelopes that I put pictures from each month inside of and then on the back of each one there is space for me to write her stats and milestones for each  month.  I love it!

I'm not a crafty person by nature but have somehow always manged to surround myself with friends that are. Thank goodness for them and for Etsy. One of my best friends is a very talented sewer and she designed a dress that she named the "Claire" dress, inspired by you know who. It is so perfect and fitting for her. You should get one too.

 I think it is an unwritten rule in the book of motherhood that children's birthday cakes are supposed to be homemade. While I might lack in the craftiness area, I can usually compensate in the culinary sector. Except for when I am making a giant cupcake, apparently.  I ended up making this cake, not once, not twice but three TIMES before I finally got it right. The bottom would turn out okay but the top was super tricky with timing and temperature. But I was grossly determined to make it  happen and was not willing to accept defeat and purchase one. You know, because Claire would have totally known the difference and would have looked back at her party pictures in 20 years and wonder why I was so lame. Why are mothers so crazy?

Needless to say it turned out and I think she liked it. 

She loved opening presents. Or should I say she loved watching us open her presents. We have put a few of them in the closet so she doesn't bored too fast. Would it be horrible if we gave some of them to her for Christmas? What's the rule on re-gifting to your own children? 

We had a great time celebrating Claire's big day. We will really miss not having family and close friends to celebrate with when we move to Georgia. Here's to another wonderful year Claire Bear!


Jill said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Claire! That dress is absolutely darling!

Jen said...

That Claire dress is adorable. It's just perfect.

Happy Birthday Claire!

Angela said...

That dress is so cute! Happy Birthday Claire! She is such a cutie!

Carol and Tyler said...

OH my cuteness!!! I want a Claire dress for me!!! Loved the b-day banner. And by my standards, the re-gifting rule is: If you're smart, you'll do it. We may be guilty of even letting them open the present and STILL wrapping it back up for the next holiday :) Don't tell the boys....