"Brothers" Weekend

I can't imagine the mischief, silliness  and craziness that would come with raising four sons that are all two years apart. Surely my mother-in-law must have constantly had her hands full and her patience tested to the max.  I can see why she took a five year break before she had two daughters. I would likely be certifiable if this was my lot. Yet, when I see old pictures of Niels and his brothers, I can't help but to think how much fun these boys must have had growing-up together.     

Poor Niels
One of these skin tones is not like the others.

The Silly Side 
The Serious Side
Today, they are spread out all over the U.S of A so they obviously don't see each other that much. So they decided to plan their first-ever boys trip in August. The plan was to meet back east but Hurricane Irene royally thwarted that idea. So plan B was planned and executed and they all met in Provo for the BYU v Utah game in September. As luck would have it, it was the absolute worst game of the season. But alas, they still had a good weekend.

What was intended to be a brothers trip quickly evolved into a mini family reunion. Niels' mom happened to be visiting from Germany, and once his dad and step-mom heard that all the siblings were going to be together (with the exception of one daughter serving a mission in Chili) it was a no-brainer to make the trip from Reno. And then there's me and Claire who decided to hop in the car last minute  and crash brother's weekend too.

Family dinner at Tucanos!

Volleyball is a pretty standard activity at most Jensen gatherings. But this isn't your ordinary picnic volleyball.  They are all very good and slightly competitive which makes it pretty amusing to watch.

                     The brothers and their sister, Sarah

And what's a boy trip without any toys? Or an entire arsenal for that matter.

It was a quick trip but they seemed to pack in a lot of great stuff.  Thanks for letting us share your weekend with you!

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Carolyn said...

So fun to see those handsome men as cute little boys. Julie sure had her hands full!