Only in Utah Part V and VI

Saw this plate while I was in a dead stand-still traffic jam on I-15. Speechless, really.

Apparently, small signs don't get the message accross, but 5 of these puppies sure do.


The Dynamic Trio said...

woooow. Likewise...speechless.

Jensen Family said...

That's so wierd that you saw our car there?!?!
I love Utah Mormons!

Vance & Adri Petersen said...

Hi Niels and Susie! How are you this is Adri and Vance Petersen!! Your favorite cousins ;), I heard you guys are moving to Vegas?? It will be so fun, can't wait to see you!!!

Mauri said...

Suz...I love your only in Utah posts!
and, no one had said anything about having a baby shower, so probably not.

Nana and Papa said...

To our most beautiful Susie and slightly beautiful Niels. Answer to the Uath part V and VI is of course Called to Serve!
We love and miss you so much. As usual, you will be moving to NV as we move to Utah. Love forever and always,Pops and Nana