A White Easter

Happy Valley has never been a top vacation hot spot for my family. To paint a clearer picture of what I mean . . in my 6 years of living here, they have come for my graduation and my wedding. I am honestly not bitter about this, becasue I understand that Utah does not have as much to offer as say . . . Disneyland or a beach when you only have limited vacation days.

However, this situation might explain that when my sister told me last month that she was bringing my joy in life (my nieces) up to spend Easter and their spring break with me and Uncle Niels, I nearly fell off my chair. For the next few weeks, I called every couple days to confirm that she was serious and hadn't changed her mind.

By the way, my nieces have never really seen snow besides "Vegas Snow"!!! So, we decided that we would stay in Park City for the weekend and let them experience Utah's "Best Snow on Earth".

One classic conversation with my seven-year-old niece Taylor . . .

Me: "What do you want to do when you visit Utah?"
Taylor: "Can we build a white snowman?"
Me: "What do you mean, what other kinds are there?"
Taylor: "We only build grey ones in Las Vegas becasue the snow is dirty"

We had such a great time with the girls. It is fun and such a self-confidence booster to be around our nieces . . . they think we are so fun and cool =)

Niels seems to think we will have have all boys some day, while I am banking on all girls so that we can have all these cute hand-be-downs and accessories of course. It should be interesting what happens based on the track record of mostly all girls in my family, and mostly all boys in his. Needless to say, he has won the hearts of all of our nieces. . . They love their "Uncle Skittles." (Sydney couldn't say his name when we first started dating, and thinks Skittles sounds better)


Trevor and Brooke said...

So glad you guys had a fun time. The snow pictures are so cute and I love that you were able to build a white snowman. Talk to you later!

Logg said...

I had no idea your nickname was 'Skittles'. Did you get that because you're a master at skittling?

Jensen Family said...

"HI, My name is Jen. I have had three kids and I am skinny"...I'm very happy for her(said in bitter annoyed voice)!
I wish I could have been there!!!