Still Sneezing Fushia, Snow is STILL Falling

One annoying characteristic about Utah during this transition of seasons, is how it will be gorgeous for a week or so, and then out of nowhere, snow comes back. ARRRGH!

I have never been huge on superstitions, but after this very long and nasty winter of snow, I am willing to do what it takes to make spring come, and to make it stay.

This weekend we decided to go to The Hari Krishna temple in Spanish Fork to the annual Festival of Colors. We joined 10,000 other people for the Krishna's celebration of the arrival of spring and the passing of winter; definitely my kind of reason to celebrate.

Before Shot (* Notice that it is a fairly nice day outside)

Basically, everyone buys sacks of colored chalk and once the main bonfire is lit at dusk, it is time to cover everyone in sight in color. This is a reenactment of the actual "Holi Celebration" that takes place each year in India.

Verdict: Very cool experience.

Afterthought: I was pretty sour as you could imagine when I woke up on Sunday and realized that all of our dancing and partying to bring in spring had failed me. This was the view out my kitchen window . . . A fresh 2 inches.


Sara Jensen said...

How fun! Red looks great on you.

We're planning on coming up this weekend. I'm not sure what our plans are but we'd love to meet up with you guys sometime.

Jensen Family said...

That looked sooooo fun! I really want to do that! I love that Niels looks at one with his inner self in that one pic. of him:)

Jensen Family said...

Oh one more thing...in the picture of Niels there is a guy staring at him who looks pretty pissed...watch out!

Carolyn said...

That has got to be one unique experience!!

The Dynamic Trio said...

SUZIE. You're even hott when you're covered in random colors. Can i be you when i grow up??

Poulton Family said...

Suzie and Niels! I found you in this blogging world! I love your blog. It sounds like you guys are having a great time! I am adding you to my list on our blog (we just barely set up our blog). Check us out at poultonfamily1.blogspot.com. Love ya!

Janae Walker said...

wow guys it looks super colorful! how long did it take to get all the off?!! i hope you guys are doing well! well, we had our baby on march 14th- little reed is simply amazing! i hope all is going well! check out the blog for pics :) tynaewalker.blogspot.com

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Stephanie said...

Dear Susie,

There is no more snow in Utah. Update your blog.