Vegas Housing Hunt: Round 1

I want to thank my friend Stephanie for sending me the following message . . . . “It stopped snowing in Utah, update your blog.” Sadly Steph, it is still snowing here, but I have been slacking regardless an I have no excuses. Here’s our catch-up.

We spent last weekend in Vegas for a friend’s wedding, and I began the overwhelming process of finding housing for our big move this fall with my sister Jen.

Come to think of t I don’t think I officially posted anything about us moving, so if you haven’t heard already . . . we are moving back to Vegas in August and Niels is going to UNLV dental school. Some say a simple phone call would have been sufficient to tell our families the big news, but I just have a different way of doing things I guess. Niels said, “My family will know immediately that did not come from me.”

Exhibit A:

One of the 15 packages filled with Vegas paraphernalia we sent out to family.

Needless to say, my housing hunt trip wasn’t extremely productive as we are still 4 months out from the big move. We have decided to rent until the first of next year until we really decide what part of town we want to settle in for 4 years.

I have likely ruled out living in an apartment, after checking out roughly 10 complexes with my sister Jen only to be whistled at and cat called by drunk 30 year-old bachelor’s barbecuing poolside. You know, the ones with the barbed-wire tattoo arm bands that still use bleach to frost their tips and wear pukka shell necklaces? Ya, Don’t want those creepos knowing I am home alone frequently while my husband is at school at night. . . .

"Come to my BBQ sugar. "


Jensen Family said...

I don't know what the big deal is...I think those guys are pretty HOT!!! ok, come live with me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie - you don't know me -but I am a cousin-in-law. Niel and my hubby Mike are cousins. I email Sara and Benj and have the blog - but would love to keep in touch. Love your pictures of your travels - if I did not know better I would swear you were a photographer - great pictures!! Anyway - would love to keep in touch - you guys are darling together! Much Love, Tasha and Mike Christensen and Fam

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