Walllllllllll - E

The jury is still out on this one.


Tobler said...

Can I cast my vote?

Best movie I've seen in a really really long time.

Maybe ever.

(and that's including 'Hellboy II', which I did see tonight. Yep, some pretty stiff competition there.... )

Hawks said...

loved it

Carolyn said...

Ok - maybe I was tired when I went --- but I thought it was about 45 minutes too long --- I thought parts of it were cute and funny - but it dragged. It should have been a 45 minute movie...call me an old grump!

Stephanie said...

97% on rotten tomatoes. I'm just saying.

Anya said...

Long.... boring.... and now my kids won't stop with that ridiculous robot voice.

Benton and Jen said...

Hey Suz. Sweet blog. I'm not really sure how to properly respond to blog comments, so I'm responding by commenting on yours.

Benton is funny about posting personal things on the internet for anyone to see, so that's why we tried the private blog thing. I've been trying to teach myself some graphic design stuff, so I made our header. I'm glad you like it :).