Nightly Spending Confessions

My name is Susie Jensen, and I'm a Targetaholic. 

Niels recently decided that he wants to start keeping track of our daily spending by writing down what we buy everyday. He explains that by doing this we can have a better idea of where the majority of our money is going, and that we can create a budget accordingly.

Not that I am a big and frivolous spender by any means, but nonetheless I still dread the nightly question . . . "What did you buy today honey?" I don't loathe it because I think Niels will be angry, or because I have bought a bunch of useless garbage. Rather, I am embarrassed that 80% of my spending confessions involve Target. (The other 20% being Costco, naturally.)

Am I the only one who goes to Target whenever I am feeling ___________ ? (insert any emotion here.) 

It is the one place where I run in to get "a few things" and come out with a new outfit, shoes, and some decoration for the house. 

Do you remember being teased/teasing others in junior high school for wearing clothes from Target?  Let's just say that I am so thankful for the change of times, and for Target's amazing marketing and PR efforts that have made their clothes and everything else they sell socially acceptable in my adulthood. 

Just a side note, I think it's funny that anytime I see someone wearing a red shirt and khaki bottoms anywhere, I immediately associate them with the squad of  Target Team Members.

All and all, I am actually looking forward to working on a new budget with Niels. I just really hope we can agree on squeezing in a highly important monthly allocation to the red bulls eye. 


jenorme said...

One of the main reasons I gave Sheldon on why I could not move to Rigby Idaho (amongst many others) was that there wasn't a Target in close proximity. If they brought Super Targets to Vegas, I would need to go back to work.

Katie said...

Hey Susie - not that I've ever commented on the blog before... (I obviously read it) but I'm all with you on this one girl! Nothing says a good time like a night walking target! Your trip looks like a blast! So fun! Hope all is well. Heard about the new neighbors... Should be fun! :)

Kevin, Danica, & Claire said...

omg!!! i am so embarrassed to be with you on this one. while i do go through spurts, and will occasionally make it a whole month or two without walking into one, i am still such a sucker for target. kevin dreads going with me there b/c he knows i can spend hours in there.

Jensen Family said...

Example of why I hate shopping with you! Don't get me wrong I love you more than life...but you can shop like no woman I have ever met...not that you even have to buy anything, but you will go through every piece of clothing...maybe you do this to torture me because you secretly hate me...I'm on to you Susan M. Jenesen!

Seandrea said...

Uh oh..
I just checked out the Target website to see if there is a Super Target anywhere near Las Vegas.
"Sorry. There are no Target stores within 100 miles of your location that match your search request."
Are you sure you want to move to Vegas? I think you should stay in Provo, atleast until I'm done here! =0)

Anya said...

I have actually been banned by Sam from Target... of course who ever listens to their husband when there are important things to buy? He clearly doesn't understand that I NEED to go to Target.
We have Target GREATLAND here in LV- which is what I am assuming is a Super Target.

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Anya- Sounds like Sam needs a reality check =) Sadly Target Greatland and Super Target are different. While Target Greatland has some food isles . . . Super Target is a full blown grocery store with great produce, deli, frozen, etc. etc. The reason why I like shopping there over say Walmart or Smith's is that their generic brand has the best stuff!