Being Lazy in AZ

We still have some years to see where the good winds will take us to eventually settle. But if I controlled the winds, one of the places I’d have them blow us for good is Arizona.

We spent last week in Arizona for Niels’ spring break. I particularly enjoy Arizona because it seems to be a hybrid of all the good things I like about Las Vegas, Southern California and Utah.

We arrived just in time to smell the goodness of the annual orange blossoms blooming. Did I mention that I am still blown away by the fact that citrus thrives in such severe heat in the summer? Anyway, I wish I could have bottled the scent that was in the air and brought it home to release in my house. Amazing.

The oranges taste even better than they smell, so we made sure to pick about 50 of them straight from the tree to bring home.

There are about only two places I will eat hot dogs: 1) Costco 2)Baseball games. Baseball isn’t necessarily our big thing, but our friends are intense Angels fanatics so we thought we'd join them for a spring training game in Glendale.

We also hiked/rock climbed Camel back Mountain with Niels’ mom and step father, Dave. I hope I can still scale mountains in my 50s. They rock.

I still had to work while we there, but luckily Penny kept Niels company.

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Rebecca and Nick said...

And those oranges were so good! They didn't last very long. Thanks so much!