Ch, Ch, Chihuly

If you have been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, you have seen the unmistakable work of Dale Chihuly.

He created the amazing glass flower ceiling that hangs in their main lobb

Even though he looks kind of interesting/pirate-y . . .

The man makes amazing creations and is incredibly talented.
(Sidenote: did you know that many glassblowers eventually go blind because of the extreme heat their eyes are exposed to?)

Last week we visited his new traveling exhibit at the desert botanical gardens in Phoenix with Niels' mom and step-father. It was quite unique and impressive.

We were in awe and couldn’t stop commenting about what a challenge it would be to make all of these pieces, to transport them, to install them and to take them down and get them ready for the next city. I mean, look at this!

"The Sun"

"The Moon"

Our Favorite. Niels titled it, "The Marbles I Used to Play With"

Although impressive, I wouldn't necessarily hang this chandelier in our home in fear for our lives, or the lives of any of our future children.

"The Spanish Hat"

"Cattails" (being artsy with my camera)

If you're in Phoenix soon, include this on your things to see


Lynsey said...

Those are amazing!!

jenorme said...

The sun is my favorite. What a talent, but is it worth going blind over?