I love this picture of my girls from a recent cousin sleepover we had at our house.

To me, it is so symbolic of the care-free innocence and enjoyment of childhood . . . Then again, I'm 25 and I still feel like this when I drink Slurpees.


jenorme said...

Slurpees,personal pizzas and ebel skievers....can I stay over next time?

Carol and Tyler said...

If only you could have purchased those slurpees from Raj and then taught the girls how to hitch hike home with 7 boys in a cut off top pinto. Let's hope you at least planted the seed so they'll have that experience some day :)

Jensen Family said...

WHose that girl in the middle? I can't believe how old maddy is getting! Oh and I don't even want to know what Carol is talking about!