His name is frequently killed. Some of my recent favorites:

“Brother Nielsen” – Said over the pulpit at church

“The Niels’s are here” – Said by 6 year-old girl who thought it was our last name.

Guy at the auto shop: "Niels? (awkward pause) Why the s on the end?"
Niels: “Um, (awkward pause) because it’s my name.”

“Milt and Suz – Guest parking pass at grandma’s neighborhood.

"Nils L" - Nizzle for shizzle . . . another guest parking pass

“Niels? . . . Ah yes, like Niels Diamond!” – Tour Guide in Jamaica


Berns and Shea said...

Milt is my favorite. Will you please name your first born that?

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

We already picked out Ezra Taft for the first one.

Lauren said...

So glad you decided to bring back the blog....don't ever take it away again!

Berns and Shea said...

Fine, Ezra Taft for the first one and Milt for the second...what lucky lucky children you two will have....

Jensen Family said...

"Why the s" that is funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

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