Your Thoughts Please

Among the many things that have changed in Vegas from when we grew up here (aside from Wet n' Wild being gone but that's a whole other entry!) are these large advertisements that scale some of the hotels.

I suppose they do the trick.

I mean who wouldn't want to see Donny and Marie magnified this large?

Or these guys?

But more recently, the Luxor Hotel slapped this on all 4 sides if its physique and it drives me crazy every time I drive by it. Mainly because I don't get it. Yes, I see that it is supposed to look like a video recorder . . . but what of it? Please comment and enlighten me with your deep thoughts about what this campaign might mean.


Hilary said...

The luxor totally gets me. I just want to know what it means!

Elizabeth said...

Curt said that he'd totally want to stay in the room at the Flamingo Hilton where he could look out Donny's eye! What a nut!
I totally remember Wet & Wild, that place was super-cool.
When we were there last week we thought the big advertisements were so strange. My thought on the Luxor camcorder image is you can only "think" that "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" insert "somebody's watching me" music here! :)

Hawks said...

weird. i hope you didnt drive all around town taking these pictures..then you might be little weird..ha ha