Null Hypothesis

Surely you know someone that has spontaneously developed a new hobby – sports, crafts, music – whatever it may be
. . . and then has compulsively bought almost everything that is associated with their new pastime.

I have known such someones, and I have been one too.

Last year I was a dedicated trainer for the SLC half marathon. Sure I liked to jog, but by no means was I a long distance runner when I registered on a whim for the race. Last time I had done a race was when, well . . .

So anyway, I bought new fancy running shoes, read a ton of online articles, religiously followed my schedule, choked down nasty electrolite goos and goops,
took glucosimine supplements . . . you get the point.

T'was the week before the race when my cousin-in-law Lori decided that she would run it last minute with me. She didn’t train at all, but because she was a gym go-er, and an overall healthy person she was confident that she could do it, no prob. You could imagine that this made me feel pretty lame for being so hard-core with training when she decided to run on a whim. What felt like a big feat to me, was was Easy Street for her. So we both ran and finished and we did pretty well. My body felt just fine the day after the race which came as a HUGE relief after hearing/reading all these post-run crippling stories while I was training.

Well when the registration and training schedule came around this year, I reflected on my experience from last year and decided that I was going to train “Cousin Lori” style this time around. My plan was to stay active and to go to the gym and cross train regularly, and then just run at least once a week. I figured this way that I would maintain the endurance needed to run 13 miles. Easy, right?

Well . . . my strategy was completely void .

Sure, I ran and I finished this year. But I added 30 minutes to my time, and pretty much beat the life out of my knees. I had the endurance down just fine, despite the whole altitude change and all, but my knees were not used to all the impact from the concrete since I hadn’t been running regularly.

Ironically enough, Lori trained this year and she totally rocked it. Niels' sister, Sarah ran it too.

The course was so beautiful and so many people and other crazies came out to support with signs, random musical talents, and water. Because of these things, I actually had a great time and felt just fantastic until about mile 9, and then my knees literally began buckling on me
! Needless to say it was not a fun sensation. I pushed strong until mile 11, gained some humility and walked mile 12, and then pridefully decided that I could/would NOT walk across that finish line. If you only could have heard the subconscious pep talks that were going on in my head. 2 Hours 37 minutes later, I pounded out the last mile and crossed the line.

Nothing too horrible in the recovery department. I was out of commission for a few days and my knees are still mad at me when I run longer than ten minutes.

I guess this is where I add my profound thought . . . Like with any goal you wish to accomplish, you can likely always achieve it, but it will always come easier if you prepare in advance and gradually work towards it.

Kind of like how Blaine and Dane from "The Biggest Loser" did.


Logg said...

...and I get winded getting in and out of my car.

Hawks said...

I am glad you did it! How about next year we do it together!