Financial Cuts

As of late, most everyone I know is trying to find small shortcuts to save a little bit of cash here and there. For some it is out of pure necessity, and for others it is for pure enjoyment of having a little extra padding left in the checking account at the end of the month. For us it is a good mixture of both.

I have found it very interesting and telling to hear what things or services some of my friends and family are cutting back on, or completely axing out of their budgets. I have learned that what is deemed as an absolute necessary/can’t live without thing or service on one persons list, can be a totally disposable or vain thing on another persons.

For example . . . my sister called me last month to inform me that she was getting rid of her cell phone completely. Thankfully her shenanigans only lasted 6 days. Then there is my friend who cut back on her cable package so she could keep her tanning membership. Another friend has to have her bi-monthly pedicure, but can't dish out the dough to go grab some lunch.

Let me be clear . . . I’m not judging here - I am simply noting that everyone has their own financial priorities and quirks, myself included!

I’m just saying that I could never get rid of my phone, and I am destined to be pasty for the rest of my life so I can live without the tanning membership. Sure I love a good pedicure, but I enjoy a few good lunches a LOT more.

I'm sure there are some of you that might look at the things that we have chosen to ax and retain in our budget and could feel differently.

Financial tweaks:
  • Cut Fancy Cable
  • Cut Internet (share with neighbors)
  • Cut caller ID (this one is killing me)
  • Eliminated soda runs
  • I give Niels his haircuts (double standard - this won’t be working both ways)
  • I have turned into that annoying lady in front of you at checkout with all the coupons
  • I don’t go into Target without an action plan or list.
  • Didn’t renew my Costco membership (again, killing me)
  • Got rid of the kitten
  • I have been very creative with the dusty cans and boxes in our pantry
  • Thermostat is kept at 81 in this Vegas summer (poor Niels)

Sticking around (for now) :
  • Cell phones
  • Gym membership
  • PEST CONTROL – especially after Jen’s run-in last week!
  • Nice-ish shampoo & conditioner
  • Nice-ish toilet paper
  • Fresh produce
  • My hair cuts


jenorme said...

The cell phone definitely was hair brained on my part. My reasoning, "I'm a stay at home mom, I shouldn't pay for people to bug me at the grocery store." I have turned it back on, minus some minutes, minus some texting. Don't tell some of my friends, it's been quiet. ;) I'd rather go without texting than Dr. Pepper. What does that tell you about me? Keep it to yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Please do not allow Niels to cut your hair. Sorry Niels, I just can't see it working out.

Sara Jensen said...

You guys had a kitten?

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Well, we had one for 6 days. Not sure if that counts.

Rebecca and Nick said...

I cut Nick and Owen's hair too! I guess they make the sacrifice for me, because I don't want to pay someone else to do it. 81 degrees? wow. I couldn't do that, at least this summer being so big and pregnant. I am always hot!

Carol and Tyler said...

you finally found an excuse to keep the house at 81? this financial crisis is the best thing that could have happened for you. Sorry, Niels!

Stephanie said...

You are so responsible. Good thing I make my own money or I'd come live with you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have had fun since I have been away with NOT posting comments. Hopefully I can get back to blogging - I miss it! Happy Halloween!