Dogs, snails and puppy dog tails

You have all heard about my fabulous nieces and the girly sleep overs.

After eleven years of dress-up, hair bows and lip gloss ... it looks like I am going to have to add some trucks, legos and tools to the toy box. Look who decided to rock our world.

Introducing the first nephew/grandson im my family:

Baby Aidan

Looking forward to trying to figure out this whole boy thing.


noelle said...

oh so cute! i have a feeling he's going to be gushed over JUST A LITTLE BIT.

Trevor and Brooke said...

So cute! Who's baby?

Lauren said...

Very handsome boy love the name too! Congrats to the new manly addition!

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Brooke:He's ours ;)

He is my oldest sister's baby.

Commentbug here said...

happy saturday, love the blog


Doug and Heather said...

very cute! boys are so much fun!

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

What a good looking baby!! He is so cute!!