Mu husband has a mistress. Her name is music.

He could spend all day with her if it were up to him, but luckily he knows who # 1 is.

He is so extremely open-minded about so many different styles and genres of music, in fact he started guest blogging on this music blog. However, he will not recognize a single country artist or song as quality music. He literally despises it all. With a passion actually.

I rounded up one of my best cowgirls to go to the Ketih Urban concert with me last week since Niels can't help himself but mock this picture everytime it comes up from shuffle on my iPod. Granted the man has a better frosted weave than I do ...

Niels also hates the fact that I have kind of, sorta have a secret crush on Tim McGraw. This just made it all the more amusing when I found out recently that they share the same birthday - May 1st. Coincidence? I think not.

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