29 Weeks

She's cooking nicely.

She is finally large enough that not only can we both feel her move, we can sit back and watch her move without even touching. Craziest and greatest thing ever.

Don't have too many to name. In fact I have felt great overall and feel pretty lucky. The only minor beefs I have are with Charley and his horses striking my calves in the middle of the night, and the fact that little miss has decided that my sciatic nerve is super comfy to rest on.

I am starting to feel some anxiety about not being as prepared as I would like to be at this point. A lot of things have been on the back burner because life has been crazy and we have felt like it is still so far away to start getting things ready. But we are realizing that 2 months will be here faster than we know it and we really need to get on the ball. Perhaps we should register, choose a name or maybe decide what hospital we are delivering at... just some minor details.

We did however order our nursery furniture and it came in this week (we went with rocker style # 3 if you care). Everything is just sitting in ginormous boxes in our living room waiting to be put together. It would be a grand understatement to say we are looking forward to Niels finishing his boards this month so we can go full-force on the baby business next month.


noelle said...

oh my heavens, look at you. there's really a baby in there!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful mommy!

Kristy said...

You do finally look prego...and so flippin' cute!

jenorme said...

You are such a stylish pregnant woman. You look great and I am glad to hear you are loing pregnancy because I need more nieces and nephews. Love ya

Carol and Tyler said...

One hot mama!!!! We are so excited for you guys!! Doesn't it seem like there's so much to do in order to be ready??? Knowing you, you'll get there with plenty of time to spare!!

JLrich said...

Sadie loved my sciatic nerve I felt for people that have back problems. Congrats you look so cute.

Jessica Wells said...

We cant wait for her to arrive!!! Siena needs more girl friends! Keep us posted on her progress.