Hello Cupcake

Have you seen this book?

If not, you should pick it up next time you're at Target and thumb through it for some cheap thrills (I just assume you go there regularly becasue I do).

I hit a drought for ideas for mutual last week so we tried our hands at these creations, sans the Starry Night Masterpiece. While they all look pretty cool, let's be honest ... they don't look super delicious at first glance.

Corn on the cob: Super easy. Just frosting, assorted Jelly Bellys and a Starburst.

Spaghetti with Meatballs: Piped frosting, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate ball, Strawberry preserves

Sunflower: Mint Oreo, frosting and a red M&M

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jenorme said...

They all look yummy except for the corn on the cob ones. No vegetable cupcakes....thanks. :) can I place an order for Avery's bday?