Out of the Office, Into the House

I'm not referring to my recent move from working at an office in Utah, to telecommuting from home in Las Vegas. Although, it is kind of fitting I suppose.

I used to be a huge fan of The Office. I even have the once coveted, and ever so hard to find Dwight Schrute bobble head on my desk. But sadly, I have not been overly impressed with any episodes this season and most of last season's. They are ok, but they are no where near as belly-laughing funny as they used to be. Could you agree?

I kind of feel like an un-loyal child who eventually gets sick of their once favorite toy, only to find a new and shinier one. Kind of like a Buddy/Buzz-Lightyear type thing.

My new show of choice is House. Although it has been on for a while now, I just picked up on it a couple months ago randomly one night. I originally hated Hugh Laurie's (Dr.House) dry and heartless disposition. But he quickly grew on me and I am a huge fan.

You would never guess that Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) is from England and has a thick British accent. He has to practice acting in English. I have always known that American actors have to practice British accents, but I have never considered the opposite.

It is amusing to watch House with Niels because he gets kind of giddy when he understands the medical terms they are using on the show because he is learning them at school.

I have even noticed that anytime something hurts or if I find something abnormal on my body, I find myself subconsciously creating an episode in my head. Normal, right?


jenorme said...

Office has definitely lost its flavor. I would try House but the end of the last episode that I caught soured me a bit. I'm afraid it's still Little House on the Prairie for us. :)

Logg said...

I've converted over to 30 Rock.
It is deserving of my love.

Kristina said...

Haha! Your blog is awesome. I absolutely love house and his sexy, 'i'm a jerk but secretly you love me' attitude.

And today I ate something spicy and coughed for a few minutes, and then was like "if this was the beginning of an episode of house, my roommate would keel over right now."

They always try to trick you on who is getting sick...