DVR-U kidding me?

So we decided to join the rest of the planet and get DVR. I have been sitting on the fence about buying it for last two years. I hear they say once you have it, you can never live without it. Kind of how I feel about texting, Diet Coke and The Holy Ghost.

We are only 2 days into ownership it and I can already tell it's going to be fabulous. I love the fact that I will be able to fast forward Mary Murphy's comments on SYTYCD and that I don't have to watch another political commercial for Nevada elections. It is beautiful.

I got it for Niels for Father's Day, but let's be honest ...


Jill said...

for Mary Michael's comments alone. And maybe glen lerner commercials. Umm...we need to meet up soon!

Jensen Family said...

Actually her name is "Mary Murphy"...it seems that you combined "Mia Micheal's" name with Mary's. And give Mary a break...she is much better than the girl gangsta twins who won't shut-up@