Will Work for Food

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such wonderful managers at every job I've had. I even enjoyed being a grunt-worker intern.
I should mention that I didn't start out on the best of terms with my current boss when I came on board. We had a rocky first few weeks trying to develop that working dynamic. But ironically enough, ever since I told him I was expecting (which btw, is on my top 10 list of hardest things I’ve ever done thus far in life) he has been overly kind to me. He came in my office after a lunch appointment one day last month and asked me what I had for lunch. When I told him I hadn’t eaten yet and that I was probably just going home to grab something since I live so close, he looked at me funny, put money on my desk and told me to go get myself something nice.

My face turned pink, and I’m not talking about pregnancy glow, because I was slightly caught off-guard. I told him it really wasn’t necessary but he insisted. And since I have certainly learned when and when not to challenge him - I just smiled awkwardly and thanked him profusely a few times.

Being a woman, my brain is instinctively wired to over analyze the motives of many given situations. I was so impressed/touched by his kind gesture - you’d have to meet the man to understand. But then again I couldn’t help but to remember that his offer came only after I mentioned that I was going home to eat. Perhaps he felt bad and pitied me. Or, maybe he thought I only have fill in the blank (weird, gross, unhealthy, etc.) food at home. Ok, I know neither were the case, but I still find it entertaining to think of worse-case scenarios sometimes.

Since then, he has graciously decided to sponsor my lunch intermittently every week now. In fact, he was leaving for vacation last week and came in before he left and said, "I won’t be here for the rest of the week so that’s for Wednesday," he put down some cash on my desk … "for Thursday," added another bill to the pile … "And for Friday. I want to make sure you are eating, and eating good stuff." It is all so incredibly generous.

I really do struggle accepting his money, but I know he genuinely enjoys doing it and obviously deems my healthy baby as a worthy cause. I have been trying to pay his generosity forward when I can by doing things like tipping for take-out food (which I usually never do), or by bringing back unexpected treats for my colleagues (depending on what I’m craving that day) like Sonic Cherry Limeades, chips and salsa or one of those trendy/fancy cupcakes.

Maybe when I get huge with child in a few more weeks, he will begin retracting his offers.


Kristy said...

Wow, what a nice boss. Milk it girl and eat some good grub, satisfy those cravings:)It was so great to work at Logoworks while pregnant, I ordered food that I craved and always picked up special treats that I was dyin to have:) Can't wait to see your prego belly....do you even have one?

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

I did that at Logoworks too and I wasn't pregnant :)

I definitely have a hump. Nothing too big yet but I am sure it will come on with a vengeance soon. I will be in touch next week!

Alexis Treese said...

I totally agree... It is SO hard to tell your boss youre pregnant. I started a new job when I was 4 months along... and they hired me not knowing I was pregnant. I planned on waiting until I started to show more... Well that didnt work, my first day I got SO sick and I had to fess up. I was cracking up at your analyzations... that sounds exactly like me. hahaha

noelle said...

still my best intern ever!!!

jenorme said...

"You just step in it wherever you go" as Jen Botte would say. Glad he is taking care of you as you most definitely deserve it.

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

Wow!! I wish someone did that to me when I was preg with kaia! That's so nice of him!!